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Send your comment about Social Security benefit cut

President Obama is proposing a $160 billion cut to Social Security that will be used to fund the federal deficit instead of Social Security Fairness through repealing the WEP/GPO.  This Washington Post article addresses “Five sticking points in the fiscal cliff deal” >

Send immediate messages via email and phone to current Congressional Representative and/or Senator.  The message should be simple:


I am a retired educator and a member of the California Retired Teachers Association (CalRTA).

* Social Security benefits do not need to be cut to balance the federal budget.

* I oppose the Chained Cost of Living Adjustment that is a Social Security benefit cut.

* Instead of cutting benefits Social Security needs to be fair by repealing the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset which deny earned benefits.


To locate your current representative, use your zip code near the center of this page >

Then, on the same page, use the representative’s name to locate the website.

On the representatives websites, look for “Contact” to send a website email and to find an office phone number.