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CalRTA Efforts to Repeal the WEP/GPO

CalRTA was one of the first organizations to begin pushing for repeal of these unfair penalties. From California to Washington, D.C. we’ve given a voice to teachers and energized other organizations along the way. There is now a coalition of states fighting for repeal!

Latest Repeal News

H.R. 711 – Equal Treatment of Public Servants 

The bill’s author, Representative Kevin Brady (R-TX), who is also the Chairman of the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, tabled H.R. 711 prior to their summer recess. Some groups were not willing to support the bill as written and wanted to offer amendments, which ultimately would have raised the cost of implementation and made the bill harder to pass.

Read CalRTA’s written testimony supporting H.R. 711.

How You Can Help – Tell Your Story!

Late summer and fall is a great time to meet with your Representative or his local staff because he will be home much of the time:

House – In session Sept. 6 to 30, then adjourned Oct. 1 until Nov. 14.

Senate – In session Sept. 6 to Oct. 7, then adjourned Oct. 8 until Nov. 14.

Also post comments on the websites of the presidential candidates. Let them know this is an important issue that must be fixed!

Democratic Party

Green Party

Libertarian Party

Republican Party

Talking Points

No one needs to explain to you why the WEP/GPO are unfair. The best way to explain the penalties is to explain how they affect you directly.

Other ideas include pointing out that:

  • You (and/or your spouse) paid into Social Security yet aren’t getting the benefits you paid for.
  • These penalties deter second career teachers from entering the field. This only compounds the teacher shortage.

Here’s a list you can print out.

Reference Materials

WEP/GPO Informational Flyer (PDF file)

Testimony in Washington DC – In 2010, CalRTA’s Legislative Advocate David Walrath testified before the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

Written testimony – In 2010, CalRTRA submitted written testimony and position papers to the U.S.  House of Representatives Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security to be part of the official record from the hearing on Social Security.