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Political Action Committee

CalRTA Has Always Been Politically Active

Since its founding in 1929, the California Retired Teachers Association has been a politically active organization focused on protecting and enhancing the benefits of retired educators. Although the Association has long been active in lobbying the legislature regarding legislation, we need to be prepared to educate members and the public about concerted attacks on defined benefit pension systems via ballot initiatives.

Why CalRTA Has a PAC

CalRTA needs to be able to effectively communicate its position on ballot measures affecting public education and educator’s pensions. To be effective, this communication needs to be geared to all voters, not just CalRTA members. To legally communicate with non-members about why CalRTA is advocating a yes or no vote on ballot initiatives requires a political action expenditure through a Political Action Committee (PAC).

CalRTA’s PAC is funded by voluntary contributions from CalRTA members and supporters. The CalRTA-PAC is used for active campaign operations (advertisements, mailers, lawn signs, pins, bumper stickers, etc.) to protect pensions for retired, current and future State Teachers’ Retirement System members.

To make a donation:
Make checks payable to “CalRTA PAC” and mail to:

J. Richard Eichman, CPA
1127 11th Street, Suite 300
Sacramento CA 95814-3809