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Links to Legislature and Congress

Monitor the Legislature and Congress
Both houses of the state Legislature and the U.S. Congress maintain extensive Websites that allow citizens to monitor the workings of their government. The Governor’s office also maintains a Website with information about the state’s executive branch.

To access the State Assembly Website, click here.
To access the State Senate Website, click here.
To access the Governor’s Website, click here.

To access the House of Representative’s Website, click here.
To access the U.S. Senate’s Website, click here.

Tracking Issues & Legislation
Using the links above to the State Assembly and Senate allows you to search for legislation, based either on bill number, author or keywords. If you find a particular piece of legislation that you are interested in and wish to monitor its progress through the Legislature, you can “subscribe” to the bill. By entering your e-mail address, you will be automatically informed of any actions pending or taken on that particular piece of legislation, including committee and floor action.

At the federal level, the Library of Congress maintains a powerful Website for tracking and researching issues in the Congress. “Thomas” is named after Thomas Jefferson and provides extensive resources for monitoring Congressional activity. You can access “Thomas” by clicking here.